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If a low profile jack is what you have been searching for, search no more. A site that is here to help you get the best quality rigging equipment has been found. has sturdy, durable low profile jacks able to get below some of the tightest areas. With various mechanical designs and styles, you can choose from a plethora of jacks that will suit your job.
Pancake jacks are smaller, hydraulic lifting tools with heavy lifting capacity. Pancake jacks can be used in small spaces where an average lifting jack may not be able to fit.  Since pancake jacks are hydraulic lifting tools, pancake jacks use oil pressure to work.

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Pancake jacks are usually accompanied by high flow couplers to improve the oil pressure. Pancake jacks are used in a variety of ways which include equipment upkeep, in emergency rescue situations where debris has to be lifted, and pancake jacks can even be used on railways systems. Pancake jacks can be operated manually by way of an external hand pump, or pancake jacks can be made even simpler to use with an electric pump. Pancake jacks may also come with a bronze, plated domed piston which helps to create a balanced load, preventing side loading, and keeps the loads in an upright position. Steel pancake jacks can lift a wide range of weight varying from just 5 tons to an amazing 150 tons. Since the steel that makes up pancake jacks do not crack or deform under pressure, which is a sign of metal fatigue, pancake jacks are ideal for extremely heavy lifting, positioning objects where space may be limited, and for holding loads in a firm position. Some varieties of pancake jacks may even come with holes for mounting which will provide solid moving placement and lifting placement. Even with its small contour and stature, the pancake jacks are a very powerful tool. The way pancakes jacks work internally is the pressure from the oil in the pancake jacks widens the piston and pushes the pistons in an upward motion out of the cylinder. Once the steel spring within pancake jacks pulls down the piston, pancake jacks are then able to retract. All pancake jacks should be equipped with stop rings. The stop rings help to create piston blowout protection for pancake jacks.


Pancake Jacks come in different tpes, sizes, and capacities:

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